Your recovery was faster than you expected. Your care team explained to you that intensive physical therapy is critical for the best recovery, so you schedule appointments three times per week. For the first few weeks, a nurse and physical therapist visit you at your house. Once you’re able to move more easily you start visiting a Partners rehab facility near your home. Within three months, you have completely recovered, just like the doctor said you would. Your doctor performs an evaluation and finds that your knee pain has improved by 90%, your mobility by 85% and your quality of life by 75%. Most importantly, now you can focus on spending time with your grandkids.

Following your treatment, your care team will monitor your recovery and evaluate the outcomes, including your ability to perform daily activities, pain level, quality of life, mental health and other factors. Not only will these be used to ensure that you have personally achieved a successful outcome, but your treatment outcomes will help shape the treatment course for future patients like you.

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